Water & wellbeing

Water is essential to human life and the body cannot function without it. To keep your energy levels high and to ultimately keep you healthy, drinking water and staying hydrated is key.

The cleansing properties of water, inside and out

Water accounts for approximately 50% of body weight in females, and approximately 60% in males and is divided between two locations: intracellular and extracellular. The extracellular compartments contain the water in the blood as well as water located between the cells in the tissues. For the average person, around two thirds of the body’s water is intracellular meaning that there needs to be enough fluid within the body to refuel these cells whilst exercising.

Drinking before and after your local run

In order to maintain a healthy proportion of hydration, ensure you are drinking water before and after your local run. Drinking at these points of your exercise regime means replacing fluids lost due to physical activity. An effective method to check whether you’re hydrated after exercise is by checking your urine, if you are well hydrated, your urine will be clear.

Top tip: Drinking cool water will help to restore your body temperature after physical activity.