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Chilled filtered water dispenser

This compact and stylish filtered water chiller, sits on your worktop giving you chilled, filtered water at the touch of the button.

Free up space in your fridge with this compact and stylish worktop appliance for any home, office, kitchen, utility room or workspace. The Aqua Optima lumi filtered water chiller, provides chilled, filtered water, at the touch of a button. With a total capacity of 8.2L, the lumi delivers an internal chilled water tank of 0.8L and only takes around 30 mins to chill the water to 12C, nearly half the time it would take for your fridge jug to chill to the same temperature. The blue LED cool light illuminates when the filtered water is chilled. Simply push the button to dispense.

Aqua Optima’s fast flow, 5 step filtration, Evolve technology, reduces impurities such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides from tap water, giving you better tasting water. Save £££s versus branded, bottled water and reduce your plastic waste by topping up your hydration bottle, glass or jug, with chilled, great tasting water, not just at home, but for on the go too.

2.8 Litre Capacity Compact water Filter Jug

Save £££s lumi filtered
water costs up to 10x
less than branded
bottled water!

Oria water filter jugs fit most refrigerator doors

One touch for chilled water.

Compact water filter jugs have a detachable handle

≤12°C chilled water

Compact water filter jugs have a detachable handle

Aqua Optima’s 5 step
filtration reduces
impurities for better
tasting hot & cold drinks

Compact water filter jugs have a detachable handle

8.2L – total capacity

Compact water filter jugs have a detachable handle

10 glasses (5.3L) filtered capacity

0 mm

Comptact water filter jug top view diagram

0 mm
0 mm

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1 Month Pack

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