We’re all more conscious of how much energy we’re using around the home these days, but beyond keeping an eagle eye on your smart meter, what can you do to have an impact on your bills?

You might already be familiar with the common tips – make sure appliances are switched off and not in standby mode, turn lights off when you’re not using them, reduce the temperature of your washing machine, take shorter showers – but our favourite energy-saving hack is one that we’ve dedicated our time and expertise towards: only boil the amount of water you need for your hot drinks.

Rising energy costs will increase the nation’s cost-per-boil this winter, and the estimated annual cost of boiling a full kettle for your brews every day is around £50 a year. But how often do you use all of the water from a boiled kettle?

Only boiling the amount of water you need saves energy by reducing the amount of time the kettle is heating the water, and can also improve the taste of your cuppa – boiling and reboiling the same water removes the oxygen from it, impacting the flavours in your drink. That said, it can be hard to get into the habit of only adding a little bit of water to the kettle each time you make a drink.

This is where our Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser becomes the star of the show. The Aurora serves instant hot, boiled, or chilled water on demand – always filtered, and always to the exact volume required.

It has 49 combinations so you can have your drinks, your way. With a 3.8 litre capacity, it offers seven temperature settings and seven volume options so you can achieve a flawless drink, every time – from perfectly-heated herbal teas to a chilled glass of water and much more, delivered to the exact amount required.

Both fast and convenient, the 3-in-1 kettle, water chiller, and water filter jug saves space in the kitchen whilst saving energy by only boiling and dispensing the water you need: simply plug in and go. Deliciously crisp, clean, filtered water, boiled on demand for better-tasting brews and less energy used.

What’s more, saving energy is often kinder to the environment too, as high energy use drives climate change and produces pollutants.

If you’re keen to give the planet an extra helping hand, you can take more simple steps to reduce the amount of waste your household generates. One easy swap is switching plastic, single-use bottles of water for a water filter – and our range of jugs, fitted with our Evolve+ filter, offer a convenient and fast way to hydrate the whole family with purer, great-tasting water.

Evolve+ boasts a unique five-step filtration system which removes impurities from tap water including microplastics, herbicides, pesticides, lead, and heavy metals – up to three-times faster than the leading brand.

The BPA-free filter reduces high levels of limescale and chlorine in water, which not only improves the taste and aroma of drinks but also extends the life of appliances such as kettles and coffee machines. One Evolve+ filter lasts up to 30 days or 100 litres, replacing countless single-use plastic bottles.

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