Perfect Pour 2.4L Blue

Easy to fill, pour and store

The Perfect Pour water filter jug offers a number of innovative design features including a front sliding lid for easier filling and an ergonomic control handle which makes it easier to pour when full. Available in 3.6l and 2.4l sizes, it’s stylish slimline design allows it to be stored inside most fridge doors and it is also top-rack dishwasher safe. Compatible with Aqua Optima’s fast flow 5-step filtration technology which reduces microplastics, heavy metals and more, it provides great tasting, full-flavoured drinks as well as helping to replace up to 4000 single-use plastic bottles a year.

All Aqua Optima filters are 100% recyclable through our free programme with TerraCycle in the UK and EIRE. Visit to find out your local community, collection location or sign up to send filters back direct, FREE. 

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Benefits of Aqua Optima Jugs & Filters

Aqua Optima's unique 5-step filtration system removes impurities and unwanted substances from tap water, including microplastics, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy metals.

Aqua Optima’s unique formulation reduces high levels of limescale and chlorine, greatly improving the taste and aroma of drinks.

Aqua Optima’s layer of ultra-fine mesh gives extra clarity to filtered water, improving the look and taste of cooked vegetables.

Optima's 5-stage filtration significantly reduces limescale, extending appliance life.

All Aqua Optima filters and jugs are BPA free.

Ecolve filter 5 step filtration
Product Features

Ergonomic control handle makes it easier to pour when full

Slimline design fits in the fridge door

Front sliding fill lid makes it easy to refill

Easily disassembles and dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning