Evolve+ Replacement Water Filter

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The Evolve+ water filters are equipped with a patented 5-step water filtration technology that efficiently filters tap water, reducing impurities such as microplastics, chlorine, limescale, herbicides, pesticides, lead, and heavy metals. Aqua Optima water filters features activated carbon to absorb chlorine and filter out organic impurities.

The standout feature of the Evolve+ is its innovative filter, which works up to 3 times faster than the leading brand, ensuring rapid access to purified water.

Using Aqua Optima’s patented 5-step filtration technology it reduces:

  • Limescale
  • Chlorine
  • Heavy Metals
  • Microplastics
  • And more

Each Evolve+ filter has a lifespan of 30 days (100L) and can replace up to 4000 single-use plastic bottles annually, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice.

The Evolve+ multi-fit filter is compatible with all leading brands, fitting over 90% of water filter jugs, including Aqua Optima water jugs, Lumi and Aurora water dispensers. Evolve+ filters can also be used with Brita Maxtra, Brita Maxtra+, and PerfectFit jugs. Additionally, it works seamlessly with Tesco, Wilko, AmazonBasics, branded jugs, and all other oval water filter jugs.

All Aqua Optima filters are recyclable through our free programme with TerraCycle in the UK and EIRE. Visit www.terracycle.co.uk/aquaoptima to find out your local community, collection location or sign up to send filters back direct, FREE.

The Aqua Optima Ecosystem

Does not fit Brita

The Aqua Optima Ecosystem seamlessly integrates advanced filtration technology to create a range of products that elevate the drinking experience. Central to this ecosystem is the WQA Certified Evolve+ filter, purpose-built to reduce water additives like chlorine and contaminants such as copper and mercury, consequently improving the taste of water. The Evolve+ filters serve as the core technology for all products within the ecosystem, including water filter jugs, water filter dispensers, and water filter appliances. The Aqua Optima Ecosystem is dedicated to delivering superior water quality and enhancing the overall satisfaction of the drinking experience.

Brita compatibility

Step 1

Check your jug compatibility (Brita* only)

This Evolve+ filter cartridge is compatible with all Brita* Maxtra+ and PerfectFit jugs. For us with Brita* jugs, check the hopper type (the plastic vessel where the filter cartridge sits.)

If the Brita* jug has a hole in the filter mounting position, simply insert your Evolve+ filter cartridge.

If there is no hole in the filter mounting position you will need to use the plastic lifter packaged with this product (see step 2). This filter is not sold or manufactured by Brita*.

Step 2

Inserting the Brita* lifter (for jugs manufactured after 2020)

If you have identified that your Brita* jug hopper has no hole in the mounting position you will need to use the lifter supplied with this filter pack.

Simply insert the lifter over the mounting pin and push down.

Step 3

Prepare your Evolve+ filter cartridge for use.

To prepare your filter for use, follow the instructions on the filter packaging or as below:

Step 1: Remove your Evolve+ filter cartridge from the packaging.

Step 2. Soak your Evolve+ filter in water for 5 minutes to remove any air bubbles.

Step 3. Hold your Evolve+ filter cartridge should now be ready for use.

Step 4

Insert your Evolve+ Filter Cartridge

Once your cartridge is prepared for use, the final step is to insert it into your filter jug, depending on the type of filter it uses.

Click to fit: Aqua Optima and some jugs feature a click to fit connection. Remove the water funnel and slot the filter into the underside. Rotate the filter clockwise until it clicks into place. Replace the funnel.

Drop in: Other jugs such as Brita require the filter to be dropped into the funnel. Simply fit the Evolve+ cartridge into the top of the inner vessel/funnel and secure into place.

Benefits of Aqua Optima Evolve + Filters

Aqua Optima's unique 5-step fast flow filtration system removes impurities and unwanted substances from tap water, including microplastics, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy metals.

Aqua Optima’s unique formulation reduces high levels of limescale and chlorine, greatly improving the taste and aroma of drinks.

Aqua Optima’s layer of ultra-fine mesh gives extra clarity to filtered water, improving the look and taste of cooked vegetables.

Optima's 5-stage filtration significantly reduces limescale, extending appliance life.

All Aqua Optima filters and jugs are BPA free.

Evolve filter 5 step filtration
Product Features

Removes Impurities

Aqua Optima’s 5-step filtration technology, it efficiently filters the water to reduce impurities including chlorine, limescale, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy metals. Also reduce any microplastics from your tap water and enjoy purer, clearer, better-tasting water.

Better Tasting Drinks

Better taste - Reduce chlorine and limescale by up to 80%, improves the taste of hot and cold drinks.

Extends Appliance Life

Longer appliance life – The Aqua Optima Evolve+ filter cartridges reduce limescale and thus limiting the build up inside your home appliances.

Less Plastic Waste

Each Filter cartridge is recommended for 100 litres of filtered water. Potentially avoiding 100 x 1 litre plastic bottles going to landfill.