Aurora Instant Hot Filtered Water Dispenser

A kettle and filter jug plug & go water dispenser that serves instant hot, boiled, or ambient water on demand. Always filtered, and always to the exact volume required, saving energy by only boiling the water needed.

49 temperature and volume combinations so you can have your drinks, your way while decluttering the countertop by combining multiple appliances into one.

All Aqua Optima filters are 100% recyclable through our free programme with TerraCycle in the UK and EIRE. Visit to find out your local community, collection location or sign up to send filters back direct, FREE. 

Colour Options

Auora hot variable control

Your Drinks, Your way

Instant hot water: 7 different options from boiled to ambient. Select your ideal water temperature depending on your drink type or preference.

Aurora hot saves energy

Save Energy

Boil only what you need and save energy: select from 200ml to 1000ml dispense options, perfect for making a cup of tea or boiling water for a panful of pasta.

Aurora hot plug and go


Combine your kettle and filter jug into one small footprint appliance. The Aurora requires no plumbing. Simply plug, fill and go.

Evolve+ filter

Evolve+ Filtration

The Aurora uses the same cartridges as Aqua Optima water filter jugs to remove impurities from water and give you better tasting hot and cold drinks.

Product Features

Fast & Convenient

Instant hot & boiling water at the press of a button. Come back to a perfectly brewed cuppa in under 30 seconds without having to re-boil and pour.

Better Tasting Drinks

Reduce chlorine and limescale by up to 80%. Evolve+ filters contain activated coconut carbon to absorb chlorine & Ion exchange resin beads help prevent limescale build up.

Energy Efficient

Save energy by boiling only the water you need – British consumers waste over 70 million litres of water a day – boiling double the required amount!*

Less Plastic Waste

Help protect the environment. Each filter will filter up to 100 Litres of water, replacing 200 x 500ml plastic water bottles. Recycle used water filter cartridges through TerraCycle in the UK and EIRE (TerraCycle 2019).

Removes Impurities

Aqua Optima’s patented 5-step filtration technology efficiently filters the water to reduce impurities including chlorine, limescale, herbicides, pesticides, lead, heavy metals and microplastics.

Filters Fast

Evolve+ filters are designed to effectively and quickly remove impurities from your water. Each filter is recommended for 30 days use and a maximum of 100 Litres of water.