Did you know that around 60% of the human body is made up of water? That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re well-hydrated, especially during warm and sunny weather.

While there’s no specific amount of water per day recommended by health experts – exactly how much you need will vary depending on temperature, your activity levels, body composition, and more – evidence shows it’s more important than you might think to keep your fluid levels topped up through the day.

Drinking enough water helps keep your muscles in tip-top shape, maintaining electrolyte levels and preventing fatigue – during both day-to-day activity and exercise.

It’s also beneficial to your organs. Keeping your fluid levels topped up ensures your kidneys are able to rid your body of toxins efficiently, and keeps your gastrointestinal tract flowing. It also makes sure your brain stays sharp – studies show that dehydration affects cognitive ability.

Proper hydration also helps maintain healthy blood pressure, and regulate your body temperature.

There are external benefits to drinking enough water too; dehydrated skin can lose its elasticity and be more prone to wrinkles.

While the benefits of drinking enough water are almost endless, some of us find it difficult to drink as much as we need. It can be that it’s not yet a habit, or that we don’t like the taste of tap water.

Many people prefer the taste of filtered water. Our five-step filtration process removes contaminants such as limescale, chlorine, heavy metals, and more, resulting in purer, better tasting water. We’ve also been told that spotting the filter jug every time the fridge is opened has been a good reminder to pour a glass – genius!

Filtered water is not only better for your body, thanks to its purity – it’s good for the environment too. Using filter jugs and appliances helps reduce single-use plastic bottles, keeping them out of landfill.

Other tips to drink more water include treating yourself to a water bottle that you enjoy carrying with you, perhaps with motivational time markings on it, or discovering your favourite addition to water. It might be a fruit squash, lemon slices, or maybe mint or berries. Some people find reminder apps useful too.
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Our great-value Oria and Liscia water filter jugs, fitted with our Evolve+ filter, offer a convenient and fast way to hydrate the whole family with purer, great-tasting water.

Evolve+ boasts a unique five-step filtration system which removes impurities from tap water including microplastics, herbicides, pesticides, lead, and heavy metals – up to three times faster than the leading brand.

The BPA-free filter reduces high levels of limescale and chlorine in water, which not only improves the taste and aroma of drinks but also extends the life of appliances such as kettles and coffee machines. One Evolve+ filter lasts up to 30 days or 100 litres, replacing countless single-use plastic bottles.

To enjoy both hot and cold drinks at the touch of a button, our Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Filtered Water Dispenser serves instant hot, boiled, or chilled water on demand – always filtered, and always to the exact volume required.

It has 49 combinations so you can have your drinks, your way. With 3.8 litre capacity, this multifunction appliance comes with 7 temperature settings and 7 volume options so you can achieve a flawless drink, every time – from perfectly-heated herbal teas to a chilled glass of water and much more.

Both fast and convenient, this 3-in-1 kettle, water chiller, and water filter jug can help you save space in the kitchen whilst saving energy by only boiling and dispensing the water you need: simply plug in and go.

Happy hydration!


Aqua Optima Aurora