Aqua Optima Water filters are 100% recyclable.

Aqua Optima Evolve 30 & 60 day, Original 30 & 60 day and Universal filters are 100% recyclable within UK and EIRE through our partnership with TerraCycle ® .

Participating in the initiative is completely free and easy and involves simply signing up / creating a free TerraCycle account then downloading a free UPS label when required. When the package is ready for pick up, book a free UPS collection with no cost involved. The package can also be dropped-off at your closest UPS drop-off point which can be found on the UPS site. There are also local community collectors where your filters can be dropped off, please visit  https://goo.gl/8obbPd  to find your nearest drop off. You can also register as a public drop off location which would appear on the interactive TerraCycle ®  map.
MORE INFO:  https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/brigades/aquaoptima
SIGN UP:  https://www.terracycle.co.uk/en-GB/account/sign_up


How can I download the FREE Filter Replacement App?

Using the button below, you will be able to download the app for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Please note, the Filter Replacement App is not available for use with Microsoft operating systems.

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Does the FREE Filter Replacement App collect any of my user information?

No, the App does not transmit any personal data. It only asks for your current location in order to lead you to the relevant information for your country.


How much water do we need to drink every day?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends we drink two litres of water every day. However, when the weather is very hot, we need to drink more. Anyone who spends a lot of time in dry environments, such as heated or air-conditioned offices or homes, will also need to drink more water. Those who exercise regularly, diet or are suffering from a fever, sickness or diarrhea ought to increase their intake and are advised to drink more water.

Does my Aqua Optima water filter increase the amount of sodium in my diet?

Aqua Optima water filters contain no added salt and have no effect on the sodium present in drinking water. Sodium salts are found in virtually all food, which is the main source of daily exposure. In drinking water, sodium levels are typically less than 20mg/litre. People on a low-sodium diet typically need to restrict their intake to less than 2g/day. Always consult your GP for confirmation of your personal requirements.

Can people with kidney disease or dialysis patients drink Aqua Optima filtered water?

The Aqua Optima water filter may release low levels of potassium. For the majority of people this can be considered beneficial to their health. However, if you have a kidney disease or are required to follow a low potassium diet, we recommend you discuss the use of this product with your doctor. Always consult your GP for confirmation of your personal requirements.

Do Aqua Optima water filters remove fluoride?

Some fluoride may be present naturally in tap water or may be added by your water supplier. The Aqua Optima water filter is designed not to remove the fluoride from the water, so there is no change in the amount of fluoride present as a result of filtering your water.


Who tests the Aqua Optima water filters?

Aqua Optima is a member of the Water Quality Association (WQA), a professional body representing companies working in the water sector. We abide by the WQA’s strict code of conduct and use its laboratories to confirm that our products meet industry-wide standards in performance and component materials.

View our compliance page


How do I prepare my Aqua Optima water filter?

Please read the instructions for use via the following links:

Can I use my Aqua Optima water filter with any water?

Aqua Optima water filters are intended to filter potable tap water only and should not be used with water of unknown quality.

Can the Aqua Optima water filter be used abroad?

The Aqua Optima water filter can be used in other countries. However, it is designed only for use with water that is already fit for human consumption.

What happens to the water if I use it for longer than the recommended filter life?

The Aqua Optima water filter will continue to reduce the impurities in tap water but at a lower level for some time after the recommended filter life has expired. Once the water filter is completely used up, the water will be the same quality as tap water. The water filter never releases any impurities back into the water.

Can impurities leak back into the water when the filter is used up?

When the Aqua Optima water filter is at the end of its life, its performance will be very low but it will not leak any impurities back into the filtered water.

Can filtered water be given to babies?

Drinking water, including filtered water, must always be boiled and cooled before giving to babies. However, they will benefit from the reduction of impurities such as heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides.

For how long can I keep the filters?

Aqua Optima filters will keep for several years. They should be kept in the original packaging and stored out of direct sunlight and in a temperature of between 1°C and 40°C.

Aqua Optima up to 30-DAY Filter Cartridge
To ensure the best performance, the filter cartridge should be changed after 100 litres, which is approximately 4 weeks of typical use.
Aqua Optima up to 60-DAY Filter Cartridge
To ensure the best performance, the filter cartridge should be changed after 200 litres, which is approximately 8 weeks of typical use.
How long can a cartridge last?
We are aware that there are some parts of the UK in which the water is extremely hard (limescale forms in kettle) and this will exhaust the filter more quickly.   As the filter also targets heavy metals such as lead or copper, any significant amount of these metals in the plumbing system may also contribute to the filter exhausting earlier. 


Why is my filter running slowly or blocking?

It is possible for the flow routes through the active ingredient in the filter to become blocked whilst in transit or, in some cases, it may simply be that an individual cartridge has not been correctly prepared when first used. This is often due to excess air in the filter cartridge building up over time or that the filter media has compacted so the water cannot pass through easily.

We recommend the following:

The filter cartridge should then revert to normal flow rates.

Sometimes when I change the water filter there are black particles on the cartridge. Are these harmful?

There may be a small residue of black carbon in the bag or on the surface of the cartridge; this is normal. These particles are harmless and are washed off during the preparation process.

What do I do with my water filter when I go on holiday?

Simply remove the Aqua Optima water filter from the appliance. Place the filter in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the fridge to help preserve it. When you return, prepare the same filter as you would a new one. Place it back in the appliance and flush it through twice with water before use.

The inside of the filter cartridge bag is damp. What can I do?

This is quite normal and does not affect the filter’s performance. You ought to prepare the cartridge in the usual way.

Sometimes when I first use the filter, the water runs black. Why is this?

One of the ingredients in our filter is activated carbon, which helps to reduce chlorine and organics, such as pesticides and herbicides. The carbon is in a very small particle form to ensure optimum treatment performance. Occasionally during transit, these particles abrade further to produce a small quantity of activated carbon powder. This is what you can see in the bottom of your filter jug. Normally these finer particles are flushed out during the preparation of the filter i.e. by soaking and flushing or running the filter under a tap until clear.

Do Aqua Optima water filters and jugs contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?
The plastic materials used in the manufacture of all Aqua Optima products are BPA free and meet the requirements of the European Materials in Contact with Food Regulations 1935/2004 ECV and the specific standards for plastics EU Regulation 10/2011 EC.

View our compliance page

Are Aqua Optima water filter jugs dishwasher safe?

Our jugs are dishwasher safe except for the lids that have electronic indicators, which should be washed and dried carefully by hand. However, we do recommend that cleaning in the dishwasher is kept to a minimum, as this can sometimes by quite abrasive.


Micro-beads or plastics are generalised by Oceanic study groups to have a size less than 5mm in diameter.  About 10% of these particles or fibres in the oceans are assessed to be less than 0.8mm.  The mesh we use is approximately 0.15 – 0.18 mm in size, should restrict the passage of the larger sized majority for micro-plastics (based upon ocean particle/fibre data).  Also the filter carbon and resin inside would further entrap other stray particles, through the various filtering actions that take place.  

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