Company History

The advanced water filtration systems used in the Aqua Optima range of products was pioneered by Strix Ltd, a global driving force in the advancement of domestic appliance technology.

Strix was established in 1982 on the Isle of Man and was initially focused on designing and manufacturing thermostatic controls for small appliances. Strix developed and patented what would become key safety control products, which led to it gaining significant market shares and becoming the leading manufacturer of safety controls for kettles.

Whilst remaining committed to improving water appliance technology, Strix began to focus on improving and purifying tap water in 2000. The key aims were to remove unwanted impurities found in tap water, enhance its taste and reduce the sediment that causes limescale to build up in kettles. The technology had to work quickly, reliably and consistently throughout the life of the product. The Aqua Optima filter technology delivers all these benefits, bringing convenient and efficient water filtration to families all over the world.