With the Platinum Jubilee upon us, it’s only right that we perfect our cup of tea ahead of our celebration tea parties so we can raise the very best cup of tea to toast Her Majesty The Queen. As experts in water, we’ve put together a tea-serving guide covering everything you need to know to prepare a perfect cuppa, whatever your preference, from ideal temperatures and brewing times to the best milk pairings.

Aqua Optima's guide to the perfect Jubilee celebration cup of tea

Graeme Rodger, Category & Market Insights Manager here at Aqua Optima, says: “As a nation of tea drinkers, we generally don’t give much thought to our hot drinks – but there are so many simple ways to make them even more enjoyable.

“My top three tips to create a perfect cup of tea are to make sure you’re using the correct temperature water for your various tea types, which can make such a difference. Have you ever had a bitter cup of green tea? It’s likely your water was too hot for the delicate leaves. Second, boiling only the amount of water you need not only saves energy, but also leads to a better tasting brew as re-boiling water removes the oxygen from it and impacts the taste. Finally, of course, using filtered water reduces impurities from tap water to create better-tasting hot drinks.

“We hope our guide helps improve your Jubilee afternoon tea party – the perfect way to celebrate our Queen. Enjoy.”

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